Working with C&I


Since 1983, Communication & Institutions has succeeded in winning the confidence of the most demanding businesses and organisations

Our assignments are defined in clear contracts that protect both parties: guaranteeing confidentiality, rejecting any conflict of interest, the length of the assignment, invoicing methods, monthly reporting etc.

 Our fees are calculated on the basis of time spent, either using a monthly rate corresponding to a prior estimate of the time, or on the time actually spent each month. 

 We respect the statutes of the Association of French Consultants in Lobbying Code of Ethics, an association in which the partners of Communication & Institutions have always played a major role. 

Working with Communication & Institutions, guarantees:  

  • the provision of a reactive team led and managed by a senior consultant
  • a clear division of roles – we never take the place of our clients, our expertise complements yours
  • a full understanding of the procedures and the players in public decision-making
  • disciplined written communication, the proof of validated, useful information
  • “a made-to-measure” approach to your requirements: we refuse the use of any systematic, mechanical approach to relations with public institutions
  • permanent dialogue between your team and ours

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