Dessin Ixène - La buvette de l'Assemblée

Give the right information to the right person at the right time…

On the left: "Now you have had a break in the cafe…”

On the right: "I expect you have been given all the elements you need to understand what is at stake in this dossier!”

Dessin Ixène - Copines

There are two stages in the public decision making process – the dialogue stage and the decision-making stage. Lobbying takes place during the first of these….

Brown haired girl: "My darling and I don’t understand each other any more….”

Blond girl: “Have you thought about lobbying?”

Dessin Ixène - Les trentenaires frisés

Understand the positions of the various parties and identify the players and their expectations….

Man in white: "The state doesn’t do enough for curly-haired thirty-something socio-professional+s..."

Man in black: "Well, the hardest thing will be to win over the forty-something MPs with straight hair"

Dessin Ixène - Dictateur

Any responsible lobbyist is committed to transparency of interests

Dictator: "I want you to defend my democratic, parliamentary, constitutional, popular republic"

Lobbyist: "That’s what you call a challenge"

Dessin Ixène - Ecran plat

A lobbyist? A mediator who can find a compromise

Man on the left: "Your screen’s fab!"

Man on the right: "Two years lobbying my wife….but I gave in over the doily..."

Dessin Ixène - Yacht

All players whose activity or image could be affected by public debate can make use of lobbying

Man on the left: "When I think no lobby defends the poor"

Woman on the right: "Thank heavens! Otherwise they might get rich!"

Dessin Ixène - Marianne

And what if effective lobbying expressed individual interests and the collective good?

Marianne (French republic symbol): "Sometimes we find it really difficult to understand each other…."

Lobbyist: "Have you considered lobbying?"