Affaires publiques et lobbying

Public affairs and lobbying

the heart of our business


Strategic advice:

  • What approach should be adopted towards the subjects which interest you? 
  • Are your objectives politically acceptable?  
  • Are your arguments and tools adapted to the expectations of the decision-makers? 
  • Have you taken the political context into account?

Intervention in the decision-making process:

  • Does your dossier come under the authority of European statutory and legislative bodies?
  • Do you know the best time to propose an amendment?
  • Whom should you address?
  • Under what rules?

Identification and construction of networks:

  • Decision-makers, links, allies, have you got the right contacts?
  • How can you guarantee their long-term follow-up?
  • How can you identify new contacts?
  • When and how should you raise the awareness of ministerial cabinets, members of parliament, administrative bodies, the European Commission etc? 

Creation of alliances and partnerships:

  • Have you considered getting your position defended by other parties?
  • How can you widen your sphere of influence?
  • Do you talk to NGOs, consumer associations etc?

Drawing up of arguments and communication tools:

  • Are your messages and the stakes clearly expressed?
  • Do you have a complete platform of your propositions?
  • Have you weighed up all your arguments?
  • Are your communications documents adapted to the expectations of public decision-makers?

Organisation of debates:

  • Is it the right moment to organise a debate concerning your dossier?
  • What form should it take – round table, symposium, conference, fact-finding study?