Relations avec les médias

Relations with the media

controlling developments in the media of your lobbying


Strategic advice:

  • When is the right time to obtain media coverage for a lobbying dossier?
  • What is the right medium to do so?


  • Do you have full media monitoring?
  • Is your press review useful for your lobbying activity?
  • Should web monitoring be set up?

Identification of and contacts with key journalists:

  • Do you know the leading journalists concerned with your issue?
  • Do you have contacts beyond those within the press that specialises in your activity? 

Drafting and diffusion of information:

  • Do you know how to obtain media coverage of the challenges of your dossiers and interest journalists in them?
  • Could you publish within the hour a release on your subject to the journalists who count?

Organisation of press conferences and interviews:

  • If necessary, do you have sufficient man-power to organise a press conference or a series of interviews?


  • Could you deal with the difficulties of a live interview on the subject of your lobbying dossiers?
  • Have you ever used professionals to train you to do so?