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How does Communication & Institutions work?

  • What makes a lobbying dossier successful?

    Several elements should be highlighted: firstly, the legitimacy of the request: what does the person making the request represent and what arguments are put forward? compatibility with the general interest and coherence with the objective of the legislator the ability to intervene as early as possible in the decision making [ + ]
  • What are your methods?

    Whatever the sector, the process of public decision-making must be well understood and respected, and the relevant players kept informed whilst respecting their own agenda.  In order to understand, debates, procedures, the positions of the various parties and the identification of the players must be closely monitored. In order to [ + ]
  • How do you prepare your arguments?

    By basing them on reliable, verifiable and useful data: that is what is expected of us and it is an ethical undertaking. At the beginning it is necessary to understand the positions of the various parties and identify the players and their expectations. Then the existing elements that respond to [ + ]
  • The lobbyist: jurist or communicator?

    At heart he is often a jurist, but it is also important to argue and convince so communication is essential. Lobbying often calls for communication tools and techniques adapted to the objectives and the people targeted.  It is therefore a specialised form of communication which looks for leverage rather than [ + ]
  • Communication & Institutions is based in Paris: does the consultancy operate internationally?

    From the outset, Communication & Institutions dealt with numerous dossiers at a European level. We give advice to clients regarding their activity in Brussels, Strasbourg or other member states, but we also intervene directly for clients based in Brussels, especially for professional associations. There are two reasons for this: on [ + ]
  • Does Communication & Institutions only advise structures that do not have their own internal lobbying resources?

    Whether they are businesses, professional organisations, associations, communities or institutions, our clients usually have resources dedicated to external relations, but not always to lobbying, with the exception of very big businesses who are integrating this strategic function more and more into a specialised department. Whether or not our intervention supports [ + ]