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What does lobbying do?

  • What does lobbying do?

    Public decision-making can raise issues concerning the economy, ecology, health, public order, consumer protection etc. Lobbying aims to shed light on these issues depending on different points of view: politicians will then take the decision depending on their interpretation of what is in the general interest.  Informing public decision makers [ + ]
  • Lobbying, isn’t it just a question of putting pressure on public authorities?

    In a lobbying dossier, your main asset is your credibility. Malevolent pressure, unjustified blackmail regarding employment will quickly undermine it. Of course, when there is a real risk to employment and activity, the public authorities must be kept informed……….but “to inform” does not necessarily imply a trial of strength in [ + ]
  • Who can lobby?

    Contrary to generally accepted thinking it is not just the private sector that uses lobbying. Associations, NGOs, communities and institutions, in short all players whose activity, vocation or image could be effected by public debate, can make use of lobbying.  Indeed, Communication & Institutions works with all the above categories [ + ]
  • Is lobbying compatible with democracy?

    It is precisely within a democracy, where public decisions are taken freely within the context of organised debate that decision makers need information. Nowadays, every legal proposition must be backed up by an impact study and many laws are subject to implementation reports. How can this be done without consulting [ + ]