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HOT TOPIC : France’s lobby register – The question : Do you foresee problems?

Fabrice Alexandre, Managing Partner, Communication & Institutions – C&I :

The new rules are a positive thing for lobbyists. Firstly, they consolidate the role of lobbyists in informing MPs, an important development in France. Second, they ensure that any lobbyist is treated on an equal footing by entitling us to get around certain areas of the Palais Bourbon (only a few persons do today). At C&I we already comply with the code of condust’s guidelines : we declare who we are and who we work for, we respect parliamentary procedures, etc. Beyond this, we also reject the holding of any political mandate or function in MP’s or ministers’ staff and lobbying practice at the same time, in accordance with the AFCL (l’Association Française des Conseils en Lobbying et affaires publiques) code of conduct. Hence, it won’t be a problem to meet these expectations.