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The definition of lobbying

Le lobbying en campagne (article in French)

Olivier Le Picard and Fabrice Alexandre discuss the role of lobbying and public affairs consultancy firms in an article published in Stratégies. They highlight their role as moderators between public and private sectors.


Extracts :

“The term “lobbying” first appeared in France following the alternation of 1981, when the economic players were faced with a completely renewed political staff. The reverse is also true, remembers Olivier Le Picard, president of Communication and Institutions, who took his first steps into lobbying in 1979: “the ministers’ offices’ staff whom I went to Sciences Po with were calling me to be in contact with companies.” ” (…)

In addition, this year has seen a complete renewal of the political stage, as many deputies do not seek re-election. “It will be like in 1981”, anticipates Olivier Le Picard, from Communication & Institutions.

(…) Rather than imposing himself with force, the lobbyist has for mission to reformulate what is at stake for the companies, in order for them to be heard. “In the case of facing pressure to close a factory, we can negotiate an extension to meet the required upgraded standards, explains Fabrice Alexandre, Communication & Institutions’ associate director and current president of the AFCL. Political leaders act in the short-term, as they respond to public opinion, whereas industrialists need visibility. We act as moderators during this short period.”