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Olympic Games and gambling

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While the Olympics bring consensus…

MPs and senators reached an agreement on the 2024 Olympic Games draft bill, which now remains to be formally voted on 14 and 15 March. According to the joint commission’s report, only one issue was up for debate: gender parity within the CNOSF’s bodies. Until the adoption of a law on French sport’s governance, the members of Parliament chose to give incentives, by planning that the CNOSF’s status “include dispositions that ensure a balanced representation between women and men, and favor gender parity within its bodies“. They however ruled out a more binding approach, which would not be appropriate for sport federations.

… gambling is controversial

French MPs are worried about the privatisation of the Française des Jeux: during a debate on the regulation of gambling, Régis Juanico emphasized the fact that the FDJ provides « 250 million euros for the financing of sports, especially amateur sports ». He is worried about the potential consequences of a so-called privatisation. Gérald Darmanin tried to reassure his peers by reminding them that the tax allocated to the CNDS would be kept, whether there is a privatisation or not. He also said to the Prime Minister that he would propose a new bill on gambling, including sports betting, within the next months.